You’ve decided to build your dream home.  You think you’ve found the perfect neighborhood, lot and builder.  While it is an exciting milestone, it can be overwhelming.  There are many questions you should ask your builder and consider before starting the process to avoid miscommunication and frustration. Here are six of the most important ones:

What’s your builder’s experience and background?

You want to be sure your builder has a solid track record and experience.  How many years have they been in business?  How many homes have they built?  Are they licensed and insured?  Do they have references from previous buyers?

How much is the estimated cost and what exactly is included?

Touring model homes is fun and thrilling and it’s easy to picture yourself and your family living in this perfect space.  Yet model homes are designed to get buyers hooked with all the upgrades, bells and whistles, and not all of those features may be included in every home. How much are upgrades?  Decide which upgrades are most important to you and make sure those costs are in your budget.  You’ll need to get clarification on what exactly is included in the cost, as well as a payment schedule on amounts due at various phases of the process and a timeline for the build. Is it just the house or is the lot included?  Some builders provide a base cost for the construction of a bare-boned home, without accounting for the price of the lot it sits on – another key factor in overall price that you’ll want to know.

Can I select design choices?

Most builders allow buyers to select the type of kitchen cabinets, backsplash and flooring they desire, however, some do not.  Some new builds come with “standard only” packages with minimal or no personalization. Make sure you know your options before committing.


What type of lot should I select?

Several personal factors will affect what type of lot you should select for your new home.  If privacy is of the utmost importance to you, you will not want to opt for a “zero lot line” home.  Families with young children may opt for a home on a cul-de-sac or a dead end street for outdoor safety.  If you are a morning person, you may want to have your bedroom window facing the sunrise.  And if sunsets are your thing, you may want rear living windows facing the sundown sky.


You will undoubtedly have many more questions for your builder before you sign the contract and even throughout the homebuilding process.  Don’t be shy when it comes to asking your builder questions.  They share the same goal in creating the home of your dreams!

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